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What is Musikgarten?

Musikgarten is a preeminent early childhood music education company, with classes for children from birth to age nine. Merinda's Garden of Music is licensed to teach its sensitive, solid, and stimulating curriculum to toddlers, preschoolers, and younger elementary-school-aged children.


Backed By Research

Research shows that consistent musical exposure during the sensitive and critical period of early childhood greatly improves a child's musical enjoyment, understanding, and achievement.

Rethinking Music as Play, Not Work


As a piano teacher for several years, Ms. Merinda saw firsthand how budding musicians flourish when instruction is "disguised" as fun and games--play, not study.

Music ability blossoms in students when the music sparks their fancy, and when family and friends are excited and involved in the music-making. Musikgarten provides this avenue with its captivating music and activities, its stimulating social group classes, and its family participation.

Come for the Fun, Stay for the Education

leavesNow Musikgarten may look like all fun and games, but it is the most musically sound approach to early childhood music and movement you will encounter.

The curriculum is developmentally appropriate, and designed to guide children from birth to age nine to be true musicians--not just someone who can pluck out a few pieces on the piano and hum along to a song on the radio--but a true musician who can see a piece of music and hear it in her head, a musician who can find the music in an instrument without printed music to guide him.

And apart from music education, Musikgarten focuses on the whole child. We aim to help children think better, feel emotions better, listen better, and work together better. Research shows that children who participate in music and movement education do better in school and in life.

With Musikgarten you will not find visually stimulating materials, but aurally stimulating materials. In a world full of visual stimuli, you will likely find this a welcome change of pace. The high-quality recordings feature real instruments and real children singing songs that have stood the test of time. The classroom instruments as well are carefully crafted for small hands and budding musicians' sensitive ears.

See For Yourself

Come see for yourself what Musikgarten is all about and give your child the priceless gift of music for life. Contact Merinda to schedule a free introductory class.

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